The “Martana Trekking” nature trails (low and medium difficulty) are just a few minutes away.

You can visit the town of Massa Martana, or several ancient churches and remarkable Roman ruins like Ponte Fonnaia, the church of S. Maria in Pantano, the Abbey of San Faustino, the Church of St. Felice, the Franciscan monastery “La pace” and the church of Santa Illuminata.”

Afar are the villages of Viepri, Colpetrazzo, San Faustino, Montignano and Castelrinaldi. The Sanctuary of Merciful Love is in Collevalenza Madre Speranza, just 8 km away. About 40 km there are the famous Marmore Falls extolled during the centuries for its beauty, here it is possible to do tourist visits and excursions.

For we are enthusiasts and athletes around 4 km from Clay Flight Umbriaverde.

In November, during the olive harvesting season, several oil mills are open for visit and offer tasting menus. Similarly, various vineyards are open for visit and tasting throughout May.


How to reach Massa Martana

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Major festivals taking place in Massa Martana during the year are:

  • 22 to 25 April 2017 Bevagna. “Medieval Spring” with art, music, dance, gastronomy and more.

  • First Sunday of May: procession to the shrine of Our Lady of bleak to Massa Martana. 

  • 24 April to 14 May 2017 in Narni “Ring Race” reenactment in period costumes, taverns and much more and then it will be from 17 to 24 june 2017. 

  • from June17  to Jue 18 2017  “The floral Spello” beautiful event on the occasion of Corpus Christi in which flowers are the protagonist

  • from June 15 to June 25, 2017 in Bevagna “Il Mercato delle Gaite” you go back in time with shops and crafts of yesteryear

  • from July 2017 in Narni “Le vie del cinema” with restored films      

  • From  August 2017 “Massetane Days and festival of ice cream.”.

  • Since December 24, 2017 al 6 January 2018 National Show of the Italian Nativity scenes with ice crib 

  • Also in the area are held at Christmas time several event and live nativity one well known is to Marcellano ( located only 18 km from the ns. structure.